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May 20, 2013

I allow myself to get distracted short of completion mulberry bags

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Mulberry Clutch Bags
I do things by halves. Sometimes, if I’m lucky I’ll get 80% done before I allow myself to get distracted, just stopping short of completion. Just look inside my wardrobe and see the amount of things completed to 80%. Unfinished bags I’ve started sewing, knitted scarves with the knitting needles still threaded through, unsent postcards that are too old to post, a half assed filing system (the stuff that needs to be filed is in a big fat pile next to the phone). mulberry outlet Look inside my email account and see 10 draft copies of letters I’ve been meaning to send (one is dated back to a year ago), and other countless emails I’ve left unread with the intention to read and reply. If I do eventually finish something, the pressure has to come from an external source (like a boss (which I don’t have at the moment), or an irrevocable deadline). But even then, the journey to completion certainly isn’t a pretty one. It’s sorta like carrying a whinging child up a very steep hill. Eventually, all the noise and distraction stops me from doing what I’m meant to be doing and I’m forced to listen to her concerns. That next canyon held a genuine Colorado jewel, claiming the title Terror Creek. Truly a wonder to those three boys that had slogged for hours up over the hot dusty mountain ridge. Terror Creek offered some of the finest fishing I’ve ever known, the stuff that fishing legends were made of. Letting out a whoop at the first sight of the creek far below in the bottom of the canyon, the boys broke into a run. Parting from the overgrown road they chased each other down the steep incline, again following game trails that led them through the canyon’s pine forests and thick brush. Finally breaking out of the brush they found themselves on the narrow rocky banks of the raging mountain stream as it cascaded from one boulder to the next. Behind and around each of those boulders – a deep pool of cold Colorado mountain spring water was teeming with wild trout.

Those were unbelievable days fishing that wild, raging Terror Creek, so near to Paonia, Colorado, yet so far away and remote that it required hours of trudging over that dry dusty mountain ridge. To their delight the entire day was spent baiting and re-baiting the hook, adding yet another sizeable catch to the fishing bags. On a nearly legendary scale, virtually every cast into a deep, swirling pool yielded another strike by a trout bent on seizing a tasty morsel for it’s dining pleasure. mulberry outlets york There are few pleasures like hitting a backcountry mountain creek where the trout are not wary of constant fishermen.Of course there was then the long trudge back home from that backcountry fishing adventure. Fortunately, once the mountain ridge was topped for the return journey the route back was a downhill run, and the boys had their bikes to hasten their return. And oh, the wondrous fish feast that followed in the days after each journey over to Terror Creek. You might already have some storage space in your bedroom that you don’t even realize you have! Do you have space under the bed? Are you using it to it’s fullest? Clean out all the dust bunnies and throw away the socks and junk that has accumulated under there and use this for long term storage. You can put off season clothing, camping gear, toys or whatever under there when it is not in use. Store the items in Tupperware containers (you can buy the low ones on wheels for easy retrieval) or space bags to protect the items and create a neat storage space.Another overlooked storage area is a room divider. If you have one sitting in the corner as a decorative item, you might want to look at the space behind it. This can be used to store items that you don’t need to get at every day like craft supplies or maybe even cleaning supplies. The contractions started immediately and James rubbed my thigh while I rested on the bed. The contractions got closer and closer together and James called Jan at about 5:00am when they were about 5 minutes apart. They got really intense after that and by the time Jan arrived, I was vomiting in a bucket on my bed. Jan threw down the birth ball she was carrying, flew across the bed, grabbed my hand, looked me straight in the eye with her face close to mine and said, “I want you to breathe like this.”

In an instant, she had me calmed down and breathing effectively. She was amazing. I went from being in a total panic to feeling like everything was going to be ok. When my midwife arrived at 7:00am, she told me I was about 3 centimetres dilated. I was so disappointed! mulberry postman lock clutch But Jan was my cheerleader, telling me that I was working so hard, and managing so well, and that my body was only going to give me what I could handle. She helped James help me by suggesting things he could do for me, and he felt taken care of by Jan as well.It was only about an hour later that Jan noticed my breathing had changed and she called out to our midwife who was in another room doing paperwork. Our midwife didn’t think that I could have progressed that quickly but Jan stood her ground and said, “It really sounds like she is trying to push.” So the midwife checked me again (doulas do not perform medical tasks) and I was about 7 cm dilated! This was going fast. Suddenly everybody sprung into action and started gathering up all the bags and things we needed for the hospital. If it wasn’t for Jan, I really don’t think we would have made it on time.While James drove, Jan sat with me in the backseat holding my hand, talking to me, encouraging me and calming me. She was so amazing! After we got to the hospital, she never left my side. James had to go fill out the paperwork and park the car, but Jan was there beside me constantly. I felt such complete trust in Jan that I had to hold her right hand a particular way through each contraction. It was quite funny! A contraction would start and I’d yell, “Hand! Hand!” and Jan would come running and grab my hand. I don’t know why, but it was only Jan’s hand that comforted me. It had to be Jan’s hand.She also helped by taking me to the bathroom and getting me water to drink, a cold cloth for my forehead (without being asked), and waving tissues with aromatherapy oil on them around the room. I found that I couldn’t communicate what I wanted or needed, but Jan always seemed to know, thank goodness. She suggested different laboring positions and she helped during the delivery by suggesting positions for pushing, too. I only pushed one hour and then our beautiful Hana was born. (Hana means “flower” in Japanese).

Jan stayed with me while I delivered the placenta (James was on the other side of the room with Hana) and helped me attempt to breastfeed right away. She stayed for about 4 hours after Hana was born and helped me take a shower and gave me lots of help with breastfeeding. Four experiments were conducted to examine the effect of various factors on in situ digestion of feedstuffs in the rumen of Holstein cows. In Exp. 1, the effect of various days, animals and animal diets on in situ digestion was evaluated. Measured disappearance of dry matter (DM) and nitrogen (N) from soybean meal (SBM) suspended in dacron bags was lowest when the host animal was fed a high grain diet. No effect due to animals, day of incubation or period of experimentation was observed. The effect of bag porosity and substrate particle size on DM and N disappearance from bags was studied in Exp. 2. Rip-stop nylon, a material with small pores, appeared to decrease the influx of digesting agents into bags and limited efflux of digested residues from bags when compared with bags made from dacron polyester material. Disappearance of DM and N from SBM and distillers grains (DG) in rip-stop nylon bags was greater when these feedstuffs were in the pulverized form rather than in the commercially processed form. In Exp. 3, dacron and Acropore bags, with pore sizes of 52 and 5 microns, respectively, were used to examine DM and N disappearance, in the rumen of cows, from total mixed diets containing various dietary N sources. Lower DM and N disappearance from Acropore bags was observed for each of the diets regardless of time spent in the rumen; much of the difference was established within the first hour. The effect of formaldehyde treatment on degradation of amino acids from SBM suspended in dacron bags in the rumen for 16 h was studied in Exp. 4. Increased resistance of SBM amino acids to degradation in the rumen was observed as a result of formaldehyde treatment levels as low as.3% by weight. A possible increase in protection of lysine from degradation relative to other amino acids was also observed.

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